How to work with existing customers while not bloating the budget

A friend you know is worth two you don't know

Changing attitude of customers to a brand or retail chain is normal. Abnormal is to miss the onset of customer loyalty degradation. To monitor this manually throughout the base of over 1,000 customers is not realistic. Marketer will have to redo RFM-analysis for each customer every day.

Work with the existing customers enables us to:

Retain customers in our shops and keep their loyalty

Save on promos by not offering discounts to already loyal customers

Sell slow-moving, hard-selling goods or goods withdrawing from circulation

Request for intelligent marketer was generated

The “intelligent marketer” function helped the system to find buying populations using the “Make customer come back” scenario. The customers who had made their purchases more than 7 days ago were selected on a daily basis. They were grouped into 3 clusters by similar 5 purchased products. The marketer would further work with these clusters.

Target population was selected

The system selected the eligible populations. The marketer generated a promo for the selected population by picking “Make customer come back” population in the RFM-analysis.

Promo was generated

The marketer also selected products satisfying the demands of the target population (e.g., “Sweet yogurts”) to sell. The Loyalty Culture system independently offered the most cost-effective and secured delivery method of 3 existing options: mobile app, Viber/Telegram or SMS.

Result :

15% discount has been offered only to the target population who received the information about the promo.

The retail chain has managed to get back the loyalty of their customers.

The shops were able to sell the stock in a short time, thus released the working capital.

The marketer has switched from routine to more specific tasks.

Getting started is fast and easy


Collection of project information

Collection of project information


Integration configuration and historical records upload

Integrate the system with cash register software and upload information about your customers and products


Design customization and mobile app publication

Customize design and parameters of a mobile app and publish it.

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